Land in Epe, The New VI

Do you know buying land in Epe now is a great opportunity? I believe you do but if you don’t, this article is just for you. But before I delve into what makes buying land in Epe a great opportunity for you as an investor, I would like to clarify two common misconceptions that people...


Land Document Back in time, it is customary that land belongs to the indigenous families who had inherited and left them. But the inception of the Land Use Act of 1978 brought about a massive change. A land document is a title that determines the ownership of the property. It is highly critical; that you...

Land Measurement In Nigeria

Maybe you’ve been reading land property advertisements where prices like “Eko  Atlantic land been sold for 1.5 billion nairas per square meter” are quoted and you can’t help but wonder how large a plot of land is in square meters. Or are you thinking of purchasing land and you don’t know the difference between the...


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