Land: Nature’s gift to humanity

September 20, 2022by REDOC

Land is define as a free gift from nature. It is the part of nature on which all living and non-living things and animals live upon.

Land can also be defined as the surface of the earth’s crust. It is an integral part of our existence. It is the only connection between us humans and the ocean which consist of 71% of the earth’s body.

Land in economics includes not only the land as the surface of the earth but all other free gifts of nature or natural elements such as the forest, mineral resources, rivers oceans, and the atmosphere.

It  is a major contributor to human evolution and civilization. Many of the development that can happen to any country always occur in it. Lagos was an underdeveloped state many decades back, but we look at Lagos now as a mega city.

The land has so much importance to man in general both in terms of shelter and financial growth.   Everything on earth, every innovation, technology, and invention take off from the asset, making it an integral factor for the adequate substance of life.

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In this article, I will highlight 5 importance of land to humanity.

Land is use for human shelter and construction

It is an obvious fact that without land, humanity cannot survive or even exist. We need it to build houses, roads, flyovers, and structures on earth today. Even with the amount of construction on earth today, there are still millions of people living in homelessness. The human population is growing daily, there is an immediate urgency to provide shelter to those people who need it.

alt - land used for agriculture
lekki conservational area

Land is use for agricultural purposes

A farmer does everything on land; and without it, there will be no agriculture. It is equally useful in terms of recreational purposes. It can be use for wildlife conservation, such as game reserves and national parks.

Is a good source of mineral resources

It is from land that we get some of the minerals that we have today such as gold, crude oil, limestone, etc.

Is a source of material wealth

Even in primitive times, it has been a major source of wealth for our ancestors. They devise different ways to milk and build their wealth from it, as a factor of production it is of immense importance. As already pointed out, everything that we can use can be traced ultimately to it. Land may be rightly called the original source of all material wealth. The economic prosperity of a country is closely linked with the richness of its natural resources.

Can be use as collateral

Land is use as collateral to obtain a loan from a commercial bank as long as the one who possesses it has a valid Certificate of Occupancy, he or she can access loans and deposit the asset as collateral.

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The land is the best gift the creator of the universe can bestow on us as his creation. It is best we take full advantage and optimize this gift for us to grow both financially and abundantly on earth.  Investing in this gift will be the best decision you will make on this earth.  Contact us today at today to guide you through your journey.





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