Land in Epe, The New VI

January 16, 2023by REDOC

Do you know buying land in Epe now is a great opportunity?

I believe you do but if you don’t, this article is just for you. But before I delve into what makes buying land in Epe a great opportunity for you as an investor, I would like to clarify two common misconceptions that people normally have when it comes to investing;

There will be more opportunities

Most people believe there will always be more opportunities. Instead, each opportunity is unique; so if you let go of one opportunity, you hope there’ll be more. Perhaps there’ll be none like the one you let go of. This brings me to the second misconception;

This isn’t for me

This misconception mostly comes from a lack of educated judgment or even one’s lack of self-confidence. If an opportunity comes by and you believe it isn’t for you, research and then decide. An opportunity, before being let go of, should be judged.

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I needed to clear these misconceptions because a lot of people have decided against taking a life-changing decision because of these types of thinking.

Now back to Epe, an old town located on the northern side of the Lekki lagoon, Lagos state. A settlement rich in culture, with concrete interest in agriculture such as fish, maize, cassava, coconuts, vegetables, rubber, palm produce, and so on. Epe has also good land soil, which is good for farming. The primary occupation of its indigenes is fishing.

Successful fishermen understand the factor of timing and patience in capturing with their net great number of fish. I know you like fish (of course, I do) but we are not here to discuss about fishing. But just like fishing, to benefit greatly from this land opportunity in Epe you will need both timing and patience.

Of course, you know everything in life is about timing, and so also is with land investment. When you invest in land at the right time, all you will need is patience to wait for the right time again to sell and benefit hugely from it. Presently buying a plot of land in Epe is cheap and there is a common saying in real estate “the more you wait, the more it gets expensive. Epe is a developing community that Lagos state envisioned to be the new VI.

And with lots of projects currently being developed around the axis like the Lekki-Epe airport, Dangote refinery at Ibeju Lekki, Alaro city project, and Isimi project. All of this will lead to massive improvements in this area. This will aid the development of this town to become the beautiful city the government hopes to achieve. (A hub for agricultural trade and  Bussiness Hub)

Already Epe possesses one of the best road networks in Lagos state. This gives easy access to other parts of the country. Examples Ijebu-Ode (Ogun state) and Ibadan.

Also, Epe has the land mass to reduce and ease the burden of the growing housing deficit, which stood at around 17 million units.  And a great environment to live comfortably with good access to clean water compared to other places on the island.

Buying a plot of land now in Epe will prove to be a great piece of business for any investor in the future. Don’t wait till a plot of land cost 25 million naira, when you can get it at a very cheap price for just 2.7 million naira.

Time is money, but you have to remember that money can’t buy time. The more time you waste, the more expensive it will get.

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