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Land Document

Back in time, it is customary that land belongs to the indigenous families who had inherited and left them. But the inception of the Land Use Act of 1978 brought about a massive change. A land document is a title that determines the ownership of the property.

It is highly critical; that you know and verify what type of land document comes with the property.  Before you purchase any land/property. It is always best you do your findings before you invest.

There is various land to consider when buying and selling land. Property owners will determine the right land document for such property sales. This document will affirm the legitimacy of the land ownership claim.

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Deed of Assignments

alt - deed of assignment
Deed of Assignment

The Deed of assignment acts as a main document between the buyer and seller. To show proof of ownership in favor of the seller. This is an important land document. The purchaser must collect the title after the conclusion of any land transaction.

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Certificate of occupancy Document

alt - C of O
Certificate of occupancy

A certificate of occupancy is proof of land ownership given to land owned by the government. x. This legal document shows that a person who acquired an interest in land has been granted a statutory right of occupancy by the governor.

Governor’s Consent Document

A land transaction is only deemed legal in the eyes of the law when the buyer obtains Government Consent i.e. if the buyer is not the first owner of the land.

Approved Survey plan

A survey plan is a title that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land. Approved land survey displays location and land properties. Hence, the description and contact information on the survey document, it is easier to verify or research at the surveyor’s office if the land is indeed subject to a government requisition.

Land purchase receipt

A land purchase receipt is a normal receipt or document that affirms the receipt of payment for a particular land.

Gazette and Excision

The Gazette is an official government record book of all urban land within a state. To excise a land means to cut it. This is the process whereby the government releases a parcel of a land bank to the indigenous owner. Therefore, such lands are for the purpose of residential and commercial developments. Excision and the gazette are good titles for a piece of land; it is safe to buy and develop them. Gazette becomes the title deed to the land.

How do I know if my land document is original?

After getting the title, go to Land Bureau at Alausa Lagos state to verify the authenticity of the land title. After confirming the authenticity of the land, go for a site inspection(if you have not seen it yet).


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