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Invest In Land Now, Secure The Future

Land is an indestructible assets. which means, to invest in land now will guarantee you a secure future compared to other types of assets.

Don’t save your money in the Bank, why?

In May 2018 my sister who lives in Benin decided on her own to put her money in the bank as a fixed deposit for one year so the money would accrue reasonable interest. the amount was about £3000 and exchange rates then were; £1 = N482, $1=N360, €1=426

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So£3000 pounds would be N1, 446,000 and she fixed everything in the bank with the help of her bank manager here in Nigeria.
After one year, this was around May 2019.

Guess what happened.!!!The interest that accrued on the account was just N23,333.33.
She got so pissed, that she had to open up to me. At first, I felt like crying for her. Then again, I thought she would have talked with someone before making such a decision.

So, what did we do, we pulled out the whole amount from the bank and used the money to invest in a plot of land around the Sapele road area in Benin City, Edo State.
The land measuring 50 by 100ft was sold to us for N1,300,000 this was as of June 2019.
Presently, the land is been valued at N6,000,000. So I asked my sister if should like to sell the land at that price?  she smiled and said NO, let’s wait some more.
Currently, the price of the euro is N687 to €1 and the dollar is N682 to $1, which means you need less dollar or euro to invest in Land now that inflation has affected the naira.

Investing in land is the best investment you can make for yourself and the future of your kids
It could be you in the same situation, invest in that which will earn you transgenerational wealth today. Invest in Land now and secure your future.


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