Invest In Land Banking now: A Short Story

August 23, 2022by REDOC0

Don’t Always live in the moment, see the future from what it is now and invest in Land banking.

In January 2017 my in-law who lives in Germany had about €4600 euros after working for some time. At the time, the exchange rate was about N321 per euro which is equivalent to N1.480,000.

So, he called me and said he wanted to start a transportation business, meaning he wants to buy a car and give it to someone on higher purchase. Then I said it was a good idea to invest that money, but suggested that instead of car business he should buy a plot of land in a developing area, as buying a car for higher purchase has more disadvantages than advantages.

I made him understand, that there is the possibility of getting returns. If the person handling it is honest and trustworthy as there are a lot of things that could happen in the process. g.

The car could breakdown any moment

There is a  possibility of an accident and the car being damaged

The possibility of the driver running away with the car.

So, I introduced a plot of land to him that was in a very good and strategic location. At the time, the land was going for 600k which was equivalent to about €2800 euros for 50 by 100 feet.

I made him understand that;

Land never depreciates. It never gets involved in an accident and can generate passive income.

After our discussion, I didn’t hear from him for a while, only for him to call after 2 weeks to inform me that he spoke with his younger brother and he had decided to invest in the car business. That his brother can help him manage the transport business and there will be no loss.

Then I said OK. it’s fine if that’s what he wants. He eventually bought and send the car over to his brother to use for the transport business.

In December 2020, after 3 years, I heard the younger brother had sold the car. That it was now generating several faults and could no longer yield income.

So, my in-law called me back around the Xmas season and told me about what happened to the car, he said he would have heeded my advice about buying that land.

Then he asked me if the land was still available for him to invest in. I told him, they sold the land a month after our discussion that same 2017. That type of opportunity wasn’t common. I told him the person who bought the land leased it to someone who built a filling station on it. He didn’t sell the land because it was close to the major road. Currently, the owner of the filling station remits N300,000 every month to the owner of that land.

His reply was Yeh! How did I miss this?

It could be you in the same situation. Invest in land banking, which will earn you transgenerational wealth today, visit to get started today.

Currently, the price of the euro is N687 to €1 and the dollar is N682 to $1, which means you need less dollar or euro to buy land now that inflation has affected the naira.





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