A short story of Betrayal

Don’t be Betrayed by the Money in the bank Many of us have experienced loss. Even the most fortunate families have experienced the loss of something special. The betrayal of a loved one. What do you do when this loss happens? Loss from someone you once trusted and relied on. Here is a story of...

Land Measurement In Nigeria

Maybe you’ve been reading land property advertisements where prices like “Eko  Atlantic land been sold for 1.5 billion nairas per square meter” are quoted and you can’t help but wonder how large a plot of land is in square meters. Or are you thinking of purchasing land and you don’t know the difference between the...


Invest In Land Now, Secure The Future Land is an indestructible assets. which means, to invest in land now will guarantee you a secure future compared to other types of assets. Don’t save your money in the Bank, why? In May 2018 my sister who lives in Benin decided on her own to put her...

Don’t Always live in the moment, see the future from what it is now and invest in Land banking. In January 2017 my in-law who lives in Germany had about €4600 euros after working for some time. At the time, the exchange rate was about N321 per euro which is equivalent to N1.480,000. So, he...


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