A short story of Betrayal

August 29, 2022by REDOC

Don’t be Betrayed by the Money in the bank

Many of us have experienced loss. Even the most fortunate families have experienced the loss of something special. The betrayal of a loved one.

What do you do when this loss happens? Loss from someone you once trusted and relied on.

Here is a story of two couples who got married at very early ages in their lives. She was 22 and the man 25 when they got married. Then, the man worked in a bank, but the woman was fully a housewife. She complains a lot to her husband about being tired of spending her time at home and she hardly goes out, because she needs to care for her 3 kids.  The husband did not heed to her complaint, even after involving the family and friends to help persuade the husband. The husband stood his ground that, he does not want any stress for his wife but just to take care of his kids.

Then, he promised to always pay her a salary of 100k monthly, which made the wife agree to be a housewife. After discussing the issue with her friend, she advised her to start saving up, for the future of her kids that are just growing up. Five years later she had been able to save up over 3,000,000 nairas. However, things were getting worse between her and her husband, who is now coming home late, cheating on her, and hardly caring about their kids. Going through this pain of betrayal and looking for a way to provide a good future for her kids, made her consult her friend again who advised her to invest her savings in land banking, rather than leaving the money in the bank with no profit on it.

She heeded her friend’s advice and invested the money in land banking. Three years, it became open to her that her husband had married another woman outside. By that time, he no longer came home, and he also cared even less about their kids. But thanks to the investment she had made, she sold the land. So she was able to send her kids through their tertiary education. Two of them are out of the country. The last born now works at an oil company, that pays him so well.

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You should not become stranded because someone you loved two-timed you. You should not rely on the savings you have in the bank. Because that money is subject to inflation, and would progressively worth even less as time goes on.

Invest in land banking. Invest in your own financial independence, free from the betrayal of loved ones.


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